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LILY COLLINS says it was “painful” that her musician father Phil was absent
from much of her childhood.

In her new book
“Unfiltered Alex
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,” the Golden Globe-nominated actress writes: “Many of
my deepest insecurities stem from these issues with my dad.”

She also penned an open letter to the Genesis
drummer Redskins
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, saying she forgives him for “not always being
there” and “not being the dad I expected.”

Collins left Lily’s mother Jill Tavelman when the actress was five.

In her book of
essays Redskins
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, “Unfiltered: No
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, No
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, Just
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,” the 27-year-old star explains her father then
moved from England to
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, where he stayed for more than two decades. She
says a “terrible disconnect” developed between her and Collins — who has four
other children — as she got older.

The actress — nominated for a Golden Globe this year for “Rules Don’t Apply”
— encourages her readers to share an open letter she wrote with their
fathers Black
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, or to write their own.

by Jesse Wieten

THE HAGUE, March 16 (Xinhua) -- Though politicians from the Netherlands and
abroad welcomed the outcome of the Dutch elections as a firm "ho" (stop in
Dutch) to the rise of populism, a closer look indicates that Dutch populism is
far from stopped, but more divided, experts told Xinhua.

"After the Brexit and Donald Trump winning the U.S. Presidential elections,
everyone was looking at us," outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said in
his victory speech on Wednesday in The Hague.

"This evening, the Dutch people said 'ho' to the wrong kind of populism,"
Rutte said.

"Scary words by Rutte," responded far-right populist party PVV leader Geert

"Does he mean that there are good and bad populists? I do not consider myself
a populist. Rutte suggests that bad populists are half-Nazis. I do not know what
he means," Wilders said.

Other political leaders used the same words as Rutte, like Alexander Pechtold
of the leftist liberals D66 and Jesse Klaver of the green left GroenLinks.

"The sound of populism has stopped in the Netherlands," said Pechtold.
"Populism has not had a breakthrough in the Netherlands," added Klaver.

Considering the PVV as a far-right populist party and the rightist liberals
VVD beating it by a landslide, 33 compared to 20 seats, the conclusion of Rutte,
Pechtold, Klaver and others seemed right.

However, there are more populist parties, with the Forum for Democracy and
migrant-party DENK debuting in the House of Representatives with 2 and 3 seats

"If you add the amount of seats of these parties, you get a total of 25
seats," Gerrit Voerman, professor of Development and functioning of the Dutch
and European party system at the University of Groningen, explained to Xinhua.

That is still less than the VVD, but a substantial amount, which is much more
than the 15 seats the PVV had in 2012 and comparable with the 24 seats Wilders
had in 2010.

Henk te Velde, professor of Dutch History at the Leiden University Institute
for History, emphasizes on the distinction between populism and Wilders.

"Populism is present everywhere in Europe and won't disappear," he told
Xinhua. "Wilders just had a bad campaign and a bad result. However, there seems
to be kind of a limit of people who feel attracted by populism. It will not grow

DENK is the immigrant answer to Wilders. The party was founded by Tunahan
Kuzu and Selcuk Ozturk, two Turkish-Dutch members of the House of
Representatives, who left the PvdA in November 2014, with non-discrimination as
their distinctive issue.

"The success of DENK is partly explainable by the fall of the PvdA, which
traditionally had a large amount of immigrant voters," Te Velde said.

"You can also partly explain it by the more extreme rightist climate on
immigrants and Islam. A large group finds themselves treated as second class
citizens and feel themselves only represented by this emancipation party."

The Forum voor Democratie (Forum for Democracy), transformed from a think
tank into a political party, is like the PVV, releasing hardline stands on
closing the borders, leaving the EU and introducing binding referenda.

"With the PVV not having the momentum, there was room for other parties like
the Forum voor Democratie," Te Velde explained.

"But there is more," said Voerman, who co-wrote the book "Populism in the
Polder" on the entrance of populism in Dutch politics.

"Mainstream parties took over themes of the PVV and that partly explains the
success of the VVD and the CDA. Rutte profited from the row with Turkey by
taking a clear stand.

"While CDA focused on the national identity in the campaign. Their profiles
became more extreme. Populism has not been reduced, but has been spread over
more parties," Voerman said.

In the diplomatic row with Turkey, Rutte prevented Turkish ministers from
campaigning in the Netherlands.

Christian Democrats CDA leader Sybrand Buma said during the campaign that he
wanted to abolish the double nationality of immigrants and that children on
school should be obliged to learn the national anthem Wilhelmus. Both parties
scored on these PVV themes.

"The mainstream parties have become more nationalistic," Matthijs Rooduijn,
political sociologist and assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at
Utrecht University, said to Xinhua. "Their views have moved towards the PVV,
especially on immigration and the Dutch identity. That's new."

Rooduijn named the open letter by Rutte in several national newspapers in
January this year as an example.

Although Rutte didn't specifically speak about refugees of foreigners in his
letter, he wrote that "people who fundamentally reject our land should leave".

"And it is not only about campaign remarks, but also about policy," Rooduijn
added. "As the VVD wants terrorists Gianfranco Rosi
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